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The Secret Of Kahramanmaraş Hund Curned Ice Cream

Sütçü imam has a 100 years background in introducing K.Maraş ice-cream to the world. Today, it serves with its two branches producing ice-cream in Alanya since 1944. Sütçü İmam summarizes the secret of K. Maraş hand-churned ice-cream as a good goat milk and salep tuberous collected from orchids roots and also mastery.

Salep tuberous collected from orchids roots are stringed and drained. The tuberous are drained again after boiled with milk. This process is done once more and when drained salep is ready to be grained, it becomes hard and almond-sized.

The milk is mixed with suger and boiled. There are some details like; deciding how the consistence would be, how much time it should wait for being fermented. These are the secrets of course. Ice-cream preferred even in breakfasts in Maraş is eaten by using fork and knife and with pistachio. In fact sometimes Maraş ice-cream can be done so hard that it is hardly cut with a chopper.