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Sütçü İmam ice-cream carried on the business in Alanya- the city of heaven in Antalya- launced to serve in a 50 m2 place in 2000 for the first time. With the endless will to work, Sütçü İmam ice-cream went into service in 2002. Still carrying on its producing in their production facility, 3000 m2 on Cumhuriyet Road,Sanayi Site,İsamil Ogan Street No:28/A in Alanya.

We have reached 3 ton/hour producing capacity in our facility. All our products are prepared suitably according to Turkish Food Codex, ISO 99001:2000 Quality Managment Systems. Besides K. Maraş ice-cream which doesn’t melt during 72 hours,50 kinds of fruityice-cream are prepared naturally without using any artificial color or aroma in Sütçü İmam ice-cream. Also, we are trying to enlarge our menu by making diet ice-cream and lactosed ice-cream.

oin to the flavour fiesta with us in this heaven of city of the world.