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Sütçü İmam who fired the first bullet against the enemy,launched Turkish War of Independence.He used to be called as Sütçü İmam as he was selling milk for surviving.

Sütçü İmam Incident

According to the Armistice of Mudros; Maraş, Antep and Çukurova were allocated as the French occupation zone. On 29 October 1919, French forces on the command of Captain Julie entered Maraş, accompained by French Colonial Forces and French Armenian Legion troops.

On the night, while the events were being expected to quiet down, 3 women who were coming out of a public bath (uzunoluk hamam) were intercepted by an Armenian from the legionand harrased and molested. The soldier tried to open her veil and stated 'This is no longer the land of Turks,you cannot walk around with a veil in French territory. The woman started to scream and asked for help. A neighbour, Çakmakçı Sait, who ran forth without a weapon was shot to death by the Armenian Legion soldiers soon after, Sütçü İmam (İmam,The Milkman,since he made a life selling milk) opened fire on the Armenians, killing one of the soldiers and seriously wounding another.

Sütçü İmam was born in 1878. he had three daughters and a son. Firing the first gun against the enemy on 31 October 1919, Sütçü İmam was charged as a servant in the municipality and also he was given the control of the castle artillery. In the course of an artillery shooting he was burned. Even if he got a treatment in German Eytam Hospital,after two days, on 25 November 1922, he died. He was buried in Çınarlı Mosque Cemetary.